Danii Phae: For the Love of Fashion | By: Akeyva Gray


Danii Phae, born Danielle Phaeton is not your “traditional” fashion designer.  Although she is not a highly regarded or prestigiously, recognized in the industry yet she has big dreams. As a young adult, Danii Phae is creative and ambitious. All she really has is a burning passion for fashion. With over fifteen thousand Instagram followers, Danii is becoming known internationally. Social media is definitely helping to kick start her career. Around the world, people are supporting Danii and her talents. This goes to show that all you really is something to love, something to work for and everything else will fall into place.

Everyone reaches a point in their life when they are forced to make a decision to be a leader or to be a follower. For Danii, this point came when she was able to dress herself. In her youth, her mom always picked out her clothes. In time, Danii was able to make her own clothing choices. At first, it was an everyday routine, but after some time fashion became a huge interest of hers. More than an interest, it became a lifestyle.  Her creativity began to flourish and she soon realized that she had to express herself. Her outlet was through her clothing. In that moment she became a Fashionista.

​ Danii is being recognized for her “street style.” Her focus is dressing fashionably as well as casual. She says, you don’t need to look like you are walking the runway; you can simply throw on a hoodie, scarf, hat, or a pair of boots (a few of her must haves) to be fashionable. What she is teaching the world is to make an original standard of beauty.

As she is walking down the street, Danii receives compliments on her wardrobe. People notice several aspects of her outfits, including her innovative hairstyles and trendy accessories. She has decided to share her love of fashion with the rest of the world by creating an intriguing fashion line called “PHAE.” PHAE is geared toward both young men and young women. Her creative designs will drop towards the end of the summer in 2014.

Danii claims that she loves high fashion. Although it is her passion, she feels that sometimes the fashion industry gets so wrapped up in trends that they forget about the art of designing clothes. Instead of trying to keep up with what every one else is doing, Danii just tries to let her creativity flow. She makes a conscious effort to keep an open mind. People involved in beauty and style with a closed mind is one of her biggest pet peeves.

​Danielle Phaeton is a young woman of many traits. Aside from fashion, she loves modeling. She also notes music as being a hobby of hers but does not know if she will pursue music. She has a lot on her plate, launching her clothing line. At this point on her life, Danii acknowledges that she does not know where the future will take her and honestly that is ok.

Instagram: @phae__official
​Tumblr: daniiphae.tumblr.com    ​


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