3rd Eye Sol: Modern Art | By: Akeyva Gray



Art gallery, 3rdEyeSol, also known as 3rdEyeSolation is more than an art gallery. It is an environment full of soulful expressive artists—a nationwide movement. The vibrant art exhibition is bursting at the seams with creativity. It represents a variety of people and all forms of art including spoken word, poetry, music, dance, performing arts, fashion, theater, hip-hop, and film. It is a brilliant way to bring the community together to share their insight and talent. ReKae Medina says, “Family, Community, Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Truth, Knowledge…those are the exact words I use to describe 3rdEyeSol(ation).”

Located in Brooklyn New York, 3rdEyeSol is taking the world by storm. It is an inexpensive way for artists to express themselves and receive support from the community. With prices ranging from ten to thirty dollars, everyone will have their soul quenched in this creative venue. Not only is this place a home for artists, but a home for everyone. It is a community oriented sanctuary for the arts. As Jermaine Greaves posts on FaceBook, “Love the community that is .”


This establishment does not limit itself to only one type of expression. 3rdEyeSol has a place for everyone with a creative soul. For those aspiring to become models or photographers, 3rdEyeSol presents a number of photo shoots. For the ones aspiring to become actors and actresses, it presents a number of auditions. If there’s anyone with a passion for stage performances, and behind the camera—the space holds rehearsals, live performances, and film productions. This is the ultimate place for you. If you still don’t know where you fit in, don’t worry, you can always join 3rdEyeSol’s classes, events and much more.

As a sponsor for an interactive youth group called A.L.I.V.E. (Art Lets Inner Voices Emerge), this group aims to inspire Brooklyn’s youth. They teach elementary and middle school students to reach for the stars. The goal is to teach the kids to embrace their talents. They foster each child’s individuality, and creativity through serving as both mentors, and role models. With over seventy-five students, 3rdEyeSol is greatly impacting today’s youth for the future. The group serves as a safe haven for children from the harsh realities they face daily. It strives to develop youthful creative expression, and interaction with like-minded peers.


Creative director and founder, Jose Castillo is the genius behind3rdEyeSol. As an artist, born and raised in New York, Castillo has a passion for art and writing.3rdEyeSol is the third art studio that he has opened in the past nine years. Castillo is the gift that just keeps on giving! His goal is to inspire others and further their imaginations through art. He credits his PuertoRican and Peruvian heritage as impactful influences as well as hip-hop roots. His passion for art, writing, music, creative talents  and forthcoming expertise has landed him the nickname “jack of all trades.”

People long for a sense of community and that is what 3rdEyeSol creates. It is a beautiful thing that so many people with different talents, passions, and cultures can come together in one environment for one purpose. To express themselves. Jose Castillo serves as an inspiration to all. In expressing himself, he “consciously gives others the right to do the same” (Marianne Williamson: Our Deepest Fear, 1992). He has paved the way for other young entrepreneurs like him to walk the road to success. Nothing is impossible when you have a dream, a passion and an optimistic outlook on life.



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