Cute Yet Cool: Pieces to Keep You looking HOT While Staying Cool | By: Britanny Douglas


Let’s start from the top with hats, hats, and more hats!  This is the best accessory to protect your face and neck from the sun this summer.  Sun hats, caps, and the comeback of visors, will all do their job in keeping you shaded and hot at the same time.  A crochet sun hat from Nordstrom can run you $22.80, a Stussy Fresh Printz Camp Hat from Urban Outfitters can go for $32.00, and a Rollaway Sun Visor from L.L. Bean is only $34.95.

Aviators are the “it” sunglasses this season.  These are a great way to protect your eyes while looking fashionable and topped off with mirror or regular lenses.  You can find these for a bargain at Forever 21 ranging from $3.80-$5.80 and at Urban Outfitters for $14.

​Loose fitted tops are definitely a must for the heat. What’s better than a shirt that can show off your shape while giving you room to breathe?  Forever 21 has a variety of colors that range from $3.80-$5.80. Uniqlo also has Scoop Neck T-shirts, camisoles, and sleeveless tops with “AIRism” to keep you dry, control odor, and heat release. only $12.90.
Easy, Breezy, Sundresses.  A complete outfit that’s ready to go and nice for the season.  Etsy has long dresses ranging $39.00- $55.00 and Forever 21 has maxi dresses from $9.80-$32.80.



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