Digitize Your Closet: Fashion Apps You Must Have | By: Rosanna Tavarez


How often are you stuck with doubts on what to wear? You catch yourself pacing around, digging through your closet trying on several outfits. Nothing seems to work and you end up with an outfit you’re not one hundred percent happy about. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Say goodbye to all your dressing and coordinating troubles! There are five top fashion apps you must have that help getting dressed every day so much easier.

Closet [3 stars]


Closet is an app that allows the user to upload photos of all the garments they own. The user is able to categorize all their garments and based on the occasion the app keeps track of what the user has worn and what the user has not. The app is simple and easy to use. It is a very personalized app that makes getting dressed feel less overwhelming.

Pose [3 stars]


Pose is an app that allows users to upload garments they own as well as upload pictures of garments and accessories they wish to own or are indecisive about purchasing at stores or online. Other users are able to see your digital closet and share their opinions with you. You fill out a short survey that helps identify your personal style and afterward find people with related taste that you can follow for inspiration. If you follow your favorite retailers, you can get a heads up about upcoming sales and specials.

Stylitics [4 stars]


Stylitics is an app for those who want to color coordinate their closet. The app allows you to categorize your clothes by color, brand, pattern, etc. If you’re wondering whether you already wore an outfit, check out your style calendar. Aside from having a well-organized digital closet, you also get style, trend and weather alerts.


Walk In My Closet [5 stars]


Walk In My Closet is an app that combines both shopping and society. If you’re cruising the Internet, in search of something to buy, you can promptly add the item to your virtual closet, this stores all your wish list items in one place. You can also share your closet with other users, and sell items you no longer want.







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