Pharrell Williams: The Greatest Fashinisto Of Our Time | By: Sade Lewis


Our young generation today, looks up to some of the greatest celebrities. Everyone has their one idol that they would love to be for a day. Lets face it, most teenage girls would immediately jump in Rihanna’s shoes to experience what it’s like to be the pop princess. If we’re not paying attention to their lifestyles, or the latest juicy gossip, we are definitely noticing their style. Many celebrities have their own sense of fashion and are creative with their outfits of choice. Pharrell Williams for instance, every time he steps out on that red carpet he does not fail to impress his audience. Not only is he taking the music industry by storm, but he is also taking over the fashion industry, by being a style icon to many around the world.

Pharrell, who is best known for his singing and rapping expertise, is just as wise when it comes to fashion. The style mogul has graced many different magazine covers looking his best, while in top-notch shape. He likes to be different, and does a fine job, by taking his style and completely making it his own. Whether he is in a classy suit, a simple cardigan with jeans, or wearing his trademark buffalo fedora style hat, he is making young men want his closet. With all the success that he has been blessed with, it’s no wonder he produced a song called “Happy.” Which was number 1 for 10 weeks straight on the Aria Take 40 Chart. He has not only taken his creativity by writing and producing music, he has also had the chance to establish his own clothing label, “BAPE.” Within the brand there are two clothing lines, “Billionaire Boys Club,” and “Ice Cream.”


Billionaire Boys Club sells everything from denim, knit tops, shirts, shorts, socks, vests and even underwear. If you name it, they have it! There are also many different trendy accessories available. Yes, it is a bit on the pricey side, but it might be worth it if you want to be a walking vision of this fashion icon. The clothing and accessories are a reflection of Pharrell himself. He knows what his fans want, so he is going to give it to them. Ice Cream is the sister brand of Billionaire Boys Club. It is a much smaller brand and does not sell as many items, but you are still able to get Pharrell’s sleek, skateboard style with it. Ice Cream is a brand of shoe as well, that is designed by Pharrell and affiliated with Reebok. These shoes are just as creative as the name, and if you are a person setting out to be different, then these are the kicks for you.

Recently, Pharrell was spotted looking as handsome as ever on the red carpet. Wearing a white t-shirt with some print on it, a blazer over top, jeans, flashy sneakers, his famous buffalo hat, and on his face a Mickey Mouse Band-Aid. Yes, a MICKEY MOUSE BANDAID. You may be thinking that the entertainer/entrepreneur was trying to begin a new trend, but he was actually covering up a pimple. While us young adults are freaking out and grimacing over blemishes, he’s making them look good! With no care in the world, Pharrell rocked that coverup and even performed at two different events with it on. If you are walking down the street and see people with Band-Aids on their face, don’t be alarmed. I wouldn’t be surprised if this became a new movement.

Pharrell, who is also quite known for looking 20 years younger than his actual age, continues to amaze us all. He is a talented artist in many different ways, and is looked up to by a tremendous amount of people. His sense of style is one that many boys, young adults, and men should take note of. He is always dressing to impress, and is very classy with it. Pharrell is a man on a mission, and he is not going to stop until that mission is absolutely complete.


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