Getting a Bang for your Buck: MAC vs. the Drugstore Review | By: Akeyva Gray


Do you want to look like a million bucks without having to spend it? Here is my personal review with prices on MAC makeup and their drugstore counter part.


b4b2 b4b1

Being an African American with a darker complexion, I sometimes find it hard to find a shade of foundation that is right for my skin tone. Here are two foundations that I feel work the best for me: Maybelline New York’s “Dream Nude Airfoam” in “360 Light cocoa” and Mac “Studio Fix” in NW45.

Price: The Airfoam was only $10.50 at my local drugstore (Walgreens) while Mac’s Studio Fix was $27.00 at Nordstrom.

Review: I feel that you are getting a better bang for your buck if you purchase Maybelline’s Airfoam. As you can see, in the second the Airfoam is actual foam, but once you rub it into your skin it will look natural (shown in figure 3). It adjusts to most shades of brown. The air foam has an undertone of red, which makes the foundation look natural.


Nude Lipstick

 b4b3 b4b6

Nude lipsticks are the new trend. But who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a trend that will eventually change? Here we have “Bare It All” by Wet ‘n’ Wild and “Kinda Sexy” by Mac, which is a part of the matte line.

Price: Wet ‘n’ Wild cost me only $1.99 from Target but it can also be purchased for the same price at your local drugstore. I purchased “Kinda Sexy” from Nordstom from $16.00.

Review: These colors are the exact same so I prefer Wet ‘n’ Wild because it is a lot cheaper for the same look. Personally, I recommend using Wet ‘n’ wild “Bare it All” with a gloss because the nude color can may give a dry look. It also looks great with a brown lip liner to give it that extra pop.


Dark Red Lipstick


If you are wondering which shade of lipstick to wear in the fall, on a hot date or just a night out on the town, how about considering a dark red lipstick. “Cherry Bomb” by Wet ‘n’ Wild and “Creme Sheen Hang-up” by MAC are two great choices

Price: “Cherry Bomb” is priced for only $1.99 at Target while “Creme Sheen Hang-up” costs $16.00 at Nordstrom.

Review: Once again, I would have to admit that the knock off brand (Wet ‘n’ Wild) is a better bargain than Mac. “Cherry Bomb” lasts throughout the whole day without having to be reapplied often. It has a matte finish but also look fabulous with a gloss.


Purple Lip Gloss

b4b9 b4b10

Try Wet ‘N’ Wild’s “Brillant a levres Precious Metals” or “Funtabulous” by MAC, which is a part of their Dazzle Glass collection.

Price: You can purchase Wet ‘N’ Wild from you local drugstore for only about $2. I purchased “Funtabulous” from Nordstrom for about $20.

Review: “Funtabulous” is better that Wet ‘n’ Wild because it has it has more of a shine to it. It lasts throughout the entire day while remaining vibrant. Even after eating it lasts longer that Wet ‘ n’ Wild. “Funtabulous” is thick and a purple gloss with hot pink sparkles. The brush moves so in every stroke you get the perfect amount of gloss on your lips. You can layer it multiple times to make it as dark as you wish.


Clear Lip Gloss

b4b12 b4b11

The gloss to the left in the picture below is a clear gloss that I purchased from Forever 21 called “Coconut Cream Pie.” To the right of it id “liplicious” lip gloss from Bath and Body Works.

Price: I bought the lip gloss from Forever 21 for $1.80. The Bath and Body Works lip gloss was purchased for $8.00.

Review: I like “Coconut Cream Pie” better than the lipdiamonds/liplicous lip gloss because the Cocunt Cream Pie is more glossy while liplicious has more sparles. Also, liplicous  is thick and sticky. Coconut Cream Pie feels smooth on your lips and has a a light coconut smell that is not too strong.


Gold Eye shadow

b4b14 b4b13

The eye shadow to the left of the picture below is L.A. Colors’ “radiant.” It is a shimmery gold color and a loose powder eye shadow. It comes with its own brush. The eye shadow to the left of it is Mac’s “Honey Lust” which is also a shimmery gold. Unlike “radiant”, it is not a loose powder.

Price: I purchased L.A Colors from my local Dollar Tree for only one dollar. “Honey Lust” was purchased at Nordstrom for fifteen dollars.

Review: Personally, I like “radiant” because it lasts a lasts a while. It has the same shinny gold look as “Honey Lust” for a cheaper price. What I do not like about “radiant” is that it does not last throughout the day and must be applied every so often for it to remain vibrant. Overall, I would still prefer “radiant” over “Honey Lust.”




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