Rise of the Natural Hair Era: A New Upcoming Trend | By: Sade Lewis


High-waist shorts, cute skater dresses, comfy boyfriend jeans, and stylish crop tops; what do each of these items have in common? Well they are basic trends that have come our way. Trends always come and go. One summer gladiator sandals will be in, and the time summer swings around again, it will be all about Toms. You see, that’s the interesting thing about fashion; it’s always changing. High profile stylists can bring back funky outfits from the 70’s and make it this big deal movement in 2014. The thing is fashion isn’t just about clothes and shoes, it’s also about accessories, makeup and, hair! 

Back when I was in high school every girl had bone straight, volumized-hair, or had their hair relaxed to get it that way. It seemed as if straighteners were the biggest deal and it was a crime to ever leave your house with your hair in its natural state. Now when you look around, every girl is trying to go natural! Whether they’re big chopping or transitioning, they are trying to get their loose, curly, or beautiful kinks back. The thing about natural hair is that it can be A LOT of work. Deep conditioning, co-washing, hot oil treatments and the list goes on. I know many girls have probably stopped and asked themselves, what products are best for my hair? How do I get enhanced curls? Where do I even start!? It would be really helpful if there was a naturalistic hair guide that you could carry around 24/7, but sometimes it’s not that simple. Then why do it? Why go natural if there are so many “rules” to get the healthy natural hair you want?

Well, believe it or not, but Youtube is a big influence. Although it has only been around since 2005, Youtube has gained billions of viewers and created hundreds of Youtubers. Some popular Youtube icons are Michelle Phan, Cassandra Bankson, and Chloe Morello, who mainly specialize in makeup. If you are new to the natural hair trend, you can easily turn to YouTube’s “Natural Hair Community.” Many of these young women have made videos of their natural hair journeys, and give tips on how to style or care for your mane. Some popular natural hair gurus are, Summer Kelsey, Whitney White, and Jade Kendle. They have many viewers and subscribers and give amazing advice. They are all lovely women, and they each have a gorgeous head of hair. Looking at them and watching their videos would make any girl want to big chop or transition back to their natural state. Now the question is, how long will the natural hair trend last?

 Every person, whether you are male or female has a different texture of hair. Hair typing is a popular way to figure out what texture your hair is. Hair textures range from 1 all the way to 4C. Hair type 1 starts off with the hair being bone straight and ends with 4C being a kinky and zingy hair texture. The higher up the chart, the harder and more maintenance it is for you to care for your hair. Will people eventually get tired of trying to maintain their newly natural hair? Or will they continue on just like their favourite gurus? It also is not always necessary to have your natural hair out. Most women like to take a break by installing box braids, Senegalese twists or even weave. Other naturalistic will go as far as locking their hair, giving them beautiful dreads, or sister locks.

 Essence Magazine whose audience is geared towards African American women ages 8-49 recently got a new column simply called “hair,” for their online publication. It has many different articles from people with natural, transitioning and even permed hair. There is also a section for wigs and weaves. These articles are there to help and guide anyone that needs help taming their hair, and there are countless tips and guidelines on what to do and how to do it.

 The trend of natural hair has sky rocketed significantly since 2014, and is continued by many young women everywhere. But I wonder what is going to be the go to hair trend in about five years. Will it still be natural hair? Or will we be going back to those menacing straighteners? But whatever it is, just enjoy it. Love your hair in its natural state. Whether it is long and wavy or short and curly, wear it, rock it and embrace it. Remember that your hair doesn’t make you, you make your hair. So keep calm and adore your beautiful tresses!



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