New Music: Introducing Ari Lennox​ | By: Jazmine Abner


YouTube sensation Ari Lennox is on the rise. The 22 year old DC native has gained quite a following after her debut music video entitled, “La, La, La, La”. Not to mention her comedic and quirky personality she shows us in her videos.
The visual features Ari as a homeless woman draped in the American flag and being followed  by an attractive guy. According to the songstress’ infamous tumblr account; “It’s about a stalker I want to smash lol but I  try to deny and deny…but then i succumb to his love!”
Check out the video below:

Her voice has that special Billie Holiday twang, but it is light enough to be considered pop. Her soulful talents will take her far. She is clearly the underground Erykah Badu/Amel Larrieux of our generation.

Lennox confirmed that 2013 would be her training year, paving the way for her 2014 accomplishments & we are waiting to see what she has in store. Check out her latest poetic hit “Bound” produced by  Dave James and Raphael Jason Zamora.



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