Tomás Doncker BAND: Soulful Blues with Rock & Roll |By: Megan Felix


True blues, rock and roll phenomenon, producer, songwriter and music director Tomás Doncker along with his band members are bringing back that old school ditty and groove. With his distinct gruff yet “global soul” vocals and a spectacular instrumental background from the guitar, harmonica, organ, drums and saxophone there is more than a few reasons why they recently signed a distribution deal with The Orchard, an independent music company. Doncker has shared funkadelic rhythms from China to Ethiopia, which is only a glimpse of how diverse he has been traveling with his art.

​“We put together a manifesto… We are here to play the music. It’s soul music. It’s nothing that Motown Records hasn’t done,” Doncker told the Huffington Post after being questioned about the band’s “Global Soul Message.” With the release of, “Moanin’ At Midnight: The Howlin Wolf Project,” the supportive fans of Tomás Doncker Band got a deeper glance into the album’s tunes inspired by one of Doncker’s musical heroes, the late Chester Arthur Burnett A.K.A Howlin’ Wolf. ​

​Along with his band, Doncker has appeared on Guitar World and CNN, and after taking the crowd by storm at the 2013 NYC Summerstage, they were asked to perform again for eleven more shows. How much more can we expect from a musician who has worked with a lineup ranging from icons such as Yoko Ono to Ndegeocello? According to Doncker, “I’ll be doing this till I drop” (underthegunreview, 2013). For all those who no longer had hope in the revolution of music for the current era, this spoonful of promising records may just be the melodious cup of tea we need.

​For more information on the band visit:




​Twitter: @tomasdoncker @truegroove1​


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