Caught A Moment With GRWYF$ | By: Michele Robotham-Smith


New music comes at us from all angles. Before social media it was easy to share our favorite music but before the tweeting and the Facebooks there was ‘word of mouth’. Here’s a little whisper to your ears on the Chicago/STL group, Get Rich With Your Friends (GRWYF$).

Jordan Hopkins, who goes by J-Hop, of Get Rich With Your Friends was gracious enough to give the 411 on the group. The junior from the University of Missouri-Columbia found a few minutes to spare for BLACK Magazine.

BLACK: If you had to describe GRWYF$ in one word, what would that word be?
I would describe GRWYF$ in one word as organic, because everyone on the $kwadd has a different role and is talented in many different ways and we all have unique and different sounds, but when we come together and make music you can see how well we mesh together and are able to complement each other in ways that I think is lacking in music today.

BLACK: How did GRWYF$ get started?
GRWYF$ got started with Dj Chi, Femdot, OG Coop, Young 99, and Bk Bambino. They had all been making music together then they dropped their 1st tape called GRWYF$. Then they made that the group name, after this tape they put Keturah, and myself, and Johari on $kwadd and we were on the FAMLAY and Twenty EP tapes.

BLACK: How many artists are in the group? ​
There are 9 members along with some frequent collaborators but the core members are Dj Chi, OG Coop, and Mike Wavvs as producers. Bk Bambino, Young 99, Femdot, Keturah, and myself (J-Hop) as the rappers and Johari is a dope vocalist.  ​​

BLACK: Is ‘GRWYF$’ a group that provides one collective sound or does each member have their own strength?
We, as a group, do have a collective sound that you can hear incorporated on the group projects like the Twenty EP, but we all do have unique sounds that you can hear on our individual songs, and we all have particular strengths that are allowing us to make huge strides within this industry.

BLACK: What is your strength?
My strength is consistently producing a great product, lyricism, storytelling, and allowing the listener to get a better understanding of who “J-Hop” is by the end of the song. I’m pretty well-rounded as an artist, and a lot of that has to do with a lot of the talented people I’ve surrounded myself with, whether it’s my friends who give me advice, that I’m always open to hearing, or the other members on GRWYF$, pushing me to make better music and to always stay on my toes. 
BLACK: Do you have any projects out? Including GRWYF$ or solo? ​
As a group, Femdot released his project, Femdelacreme, last summer that was very well received and currently, Young 99 is getting his album, The Black Man LP, finished. That’s going to be one of the best projects of the year, definitely. I’ve finished a couple of joints for my tape “LiMBO”. (They are) set to drop sometime in 2015. Dj Chi dropped the Twenty EP in February that was critically acclaimed and even appeared in the Source Magazine. ​ ​
BLACK: Any information that you’d like the general public to know?
I think I can speak for the entire group when I say that we aren’t like a lot of these artists out here that are just making music to just make music. We plan on being up there with the big names and the greats and consistently creating great and organic product. Starting this summer a lot of people are going to see how serious we are about this music. Its #GetRich14.

BLACK: There are many other music groups, what sets GRWWYF$ apart?
There are a lot of things on a small scale: we don’t have a front man and everyone in the group in somebody’s favorite rapper. On another note, none of us sound the same, everyone’s sound is unique. Unlike most groups that have a central sound to them, we all have different content to our music. And lastly we mesh sounds from many different genres, we think outside the box, sonically.  ​

​BLACK Magazine would like to thank J-Hop, for his time, we are looking forward to the work the group is getting ready to release. If you’d like to hear some of the songs that have already been released, readers can check DJ Chi’s Soundcloud.    ​



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