The Top Summer Skin Essentials | By: Sade Lewis


Summer in my opinion is the best season of them all. It’s the time when school is out, everyone is soaking up some sun, and it’s the perfect time to go on a beautiful family vacation. But even though this season may have its pros, it can also have its cons. Since the sun is out and blazing down with fiery heat, we have to protect our skin from uv rays and getting burnt. So here are some of the top must have summer skin essentials that will definitely help you get through these summer months.



Sunscreen is an absolute must for these hot summer days. It helps protect you from the uv rays of the sun, and the higher the spf, the more protected your skin will be. My favourite sunscreen of all time is the UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunscreen by Neutrogena with spf 55. It’s very light on the skin and non greasy. This product sells for $13.19.



Oil sheets will come in extremely handy with this blazing sun. Instead of carrying around a stack of napkins in your purse to wipe away sweat or oil, just use oil sheets. They absorb all the excess oil left on the face and takes away any shine. Clean and clear are the original makers, but you can always get the knock off brand which works the exact same way. The Equate brand sells for $2.40



This product is mainly for the ladies that love their makeup. Instead of wearing a thick and heavy foundation, try a bb cream, which stands for blemish balm. It gives you a nice coverage similar to a foundation, but is much lighter. Your skin will feel much softer and you won’t have to worry about your makeup running off your skin. A great bb cream is the Maybelline Dream Fresh Beauty Balm and sells at $8.50



I know, lip balm is not exactly a “SKIN essential,” but it is a definite must have. Chapped lips is a no-no, and smooth soft lips are the way to go. Some lip balms even contain spf to protect you from the sun. I recommend the EOS lip balm brand. They come in a variety of different flavours, and the most efficient one for summer is Lemon Drop with spf 15. This product sells at $4.23



After staying out partying and coming home late, you’re going to want to give your face a good wash. To get a nice deep clean before hitting the sac, would be using the Olay Pro X Advanced Cleansing System. This product is very similar to the Clearsonic, except it is much smaller, and a lot cheaper! It will get your skin squeaky clean, and feeling extremely smooth. This product sells at $29.99.


Summer time is all about having fun and just enjoying yourself. Go out with friends, enjoy the sun and take a lot of pictures, but take care of your skin at the same time. It will be thanking you in the future when winter comes around!



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