A Documentation Of The Misunderstood Through Camera Lens | By: Zainab Floyd


Muhammad Floyd is a young freelance photographer based in Mount Vernon, New York. He grew up surrounded by different culture from all around world and uses influences of creativity that haunt him. His love for photography began when he attended the after-school photography club during his senior year of high school.   At the time he didn’t have an exact aesthetic, but he knew that he loved capturing the movement of the everyday rowdy life in his High School.   During his senior year many of his classmates and the members of the club looked up to him, their eyes would sparkle when they’d speak of his work. He knew that he had fallen in love with two things, photography and skateboarding.

After High School, he attended CUNY tech; he worked on his studies, while perfecting his craft. During his last summer before beginning college, he interned for DKN events, where he’d capture prime moments such as weddings, holiday events, parties, and school dances. Although he enjoyed it, he preferred capturing movements of people in action such as skateboarders.   We live in a day and age where skateboarders are the new cool, and he picked up on this trend pretty fast.   He coupled up a group of friends at a skate park in Brooklyn, took out his bulky camera and shot away as they’d fly up in the sky with a tatted skateboard in hand. While he still worked at DKN, he began a startup of clients. They saw his work, and sent him their numbers, asking for specific photo-shoots. After all he couldn’t complain, people were interested in his craft, and it was source of income. He enjoyed it very much, but not as much as he did in the skate parks. Muhammad’s work is a documentation of the most misunderstood sport: skateboarding. Through each snap of the camera is a thread of a story that all began in a park without ever planning for the beauty to peer throughout the seams.

You could find his work here:





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