Jelani Lateef: Old School Flow, New School Vibe | By: Megan Felix

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The Source Magazine calls him “a speaker that is in tune with giving life to his track.” Black Magazine calls him a lyrical genius with an old school flow and a new school vibe. Meet Jelani Lateef, a smooth conscious rapper from the big city of Chicago. Similar to the musical styling’s of some of the greats like Common and Talib Kweli, Jelani isn’t far from making a mainstream name for himself in the Hip Hop community. With his upcoming full-length album “My Soul To Keep 2” dropping in two weeks, there’s a lot Mr. Lateef wants to prove about what it takes to be the best. He’s known for his jaw-breaking punch lines and silver-tongued delivery that all ties into his conscious message of positive rap music, having us asking one great question: is the lyrical world of Hip Hop ready for a drastic change (or comeback, rather)?

​Jelani’s new singles titled, “Forward Advance” and “In the Game Now,” reached over 20,000 views on YouTube, we can all agree that with those many hits, he is obviously “swift with the pen,” and making a name for himself. Forward Advance gives listeners a taste of his storytelling rhymes, speaking on fatherhood, and dealing with “daily living activities,” as Rapsheet likes to call it. “In the Game Now” is a public service announcement to all the listeners and fellow rappers that Jelani is ready to take over.

​Pick up a copy of My Soul to Keep 2 on August 18, 2014 to get in touch with the guy who knows how to rock the mic. For more information on this rapping mastermind visit:







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