FKA Twigs: The New Cool | By: Zainab Floyd

FKA Twigs: The New Cool | By: Zainab Floyd


Baby hair curls, eerie soulful vocals, insanely compelling beats, and a British edge stacked against one another in one big punch this is FKA TWIGS for you.

Born as Tahlilah Debrett Barnett, FKA twigs began as a dancer, dancing in music videos for singers such as Kylie Minogue, Ed Sheeran, and Tiao Cruz just to name a few. The singer-song writer appeared on the I-D magazine and gained a lot of attention for her wide eyes, and gelled baby hairs. Many people were fascinated by her, and were very much interested in what she did.

Her I-D magazine cover could be one of the very reasons of why many were cringing to know her, and so the world typed her name in YouTube, and discovered eerie, uncomfortable, interesting, and beautiful music videos from her album EP1 in 2012, that she debuted on BandCamp.

Her latest album LP1 her voice is soft, sexual, and haunting. In particular her song Lights On reveals moments of honesty, and rawness. Each song reveals something new about her or her subject she is singing about.

She has pushed the boundary setting trends, and distinct beauties in music again.


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