‘LeCrazy’ over Lecrae: New Movement on the Rise | By: Nelson Tirado III


“The system didn’t plan for this.” The notorious line hip hop artist, Lecrae ever announced for his newly, seventh studio album “Anomaly” which was released early September. Co-Founder of the independent record label, Reach Records, and leader of the 116 Clique (a southern hip-hop group illustrating what it means to live in your purpose and finding greater, under dope lyrics and sound). Nonetheless, Lecrae is no beginner when it comes to building tight lyrics, mixed in with quality-sounding beats. It has been the lyrics; however, which has been creating quite the buzz around the mainstream, emphasizing the message of actually discussing real-world, hard-hitting topics such as drugs, suicide/homicides, and addictions, all the while directing listeners of the hip-hop industry to a greater answer.

Don’t let his approach fool you to think he doesn’t know top rap artists in the game as he shouted out Nipsey, Kendrick Lamar, The Game, and the entire West Coast in his “I’m Turnt” single off his “Church Clothes 2” mixtape—his second mixtape showcasing his southern roots, and unique style. Throughout the album, Lecrae speaks of what it means to be an “anomaly,” that is to branch off from what is expected in the world, into a much higher standard. Lecrae raps all of while with style and discussing situations he was in himself, but didn’t define him. The album has also reached Number 1 on the Billboard Top 200 with over 88,000 copies sold worldwide.

​ Check out his top two songs off the Anomaly album, “Nuthin,”“All I Need Is You,” and look forward to finding Lecrae on tour in a city near you.



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