BLKSUNCHILD: Music in the Paintbrush | By: Jacklyn Thudd


With just two hundred dollars in hand, a young lad took a trip to New York City in hopes of finding his soul. BLKSUNCHILD, formerly known as Daryle Carstaphen, an artistic young man with a knack for visual art and music was once that young boy. After joining a movement called “CUZIMBLK” in 2013, his outlook on the world of arts was forever reformed.

“My art ranges from Hip-Hop, poetry, photography, illustration and painting,” BLKSUNCHILD told Black Magazine. In the midst of expressing himself through his work, he found a deep love in uplifting the culture of art and “perpetuating the innovative growth of our generation’s blessed creators.”


In his latest visual piece, BLKSUNCHILD promotes the essence of the Black woman through the ink of an animated pen and a watercolor paintbrush. The creation was an image of a woman embracing her strength and divinity (his overall view of the Black woman). The painting also happens to be a portrait of a close friend who was an active female producer.

To find more upcoming work of BLKSUNCHILD of request a painting visit him on Instagram: @sunisblack

​ And follow his movement:



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