H.A.C.K. THZ: Acoustic Hip Hop Rises | By: Nelson Tirado III


Photo Cred: @hvckavelii


Sometimes, a “dollar and a dream,” and a stage platform such as the 4 train is all you need to begin building a legacy. For an artists such as the H.A.C.K. (Honorable Amazing Charismatic Kid), this is the recipe to his come up as an individual artist and building his own group—with one person taking hold of his vision, and point him to the right directions.

Born in The Bronx and raised in Brooklyn, Christopher Williams began writing lyrical content at a young age. Writing was as natural to him as breathing as Hack demonstrated his talents, and train of thought from writing comic books to performing in the subways of New York City. From then on, he upholds the name, “H.A.C.K.”—similar to one who manipulates computer programs, but in his case, towards manipulating words for a higher level of reflections and actions of change.

Presently, Hack is under the Jazz’s management and under the wing of Duckdown Production’s co-founder, Buckshot who has many ties to today’s most prized lyrical poets, such as Skyzoo. With a heavy arsenal of support (with Buckshot and sponsorship by street web brand, New York State of Mind) guidance, and mentorship, Hack will soon launch his EP all the while maintaining his performances and recordings as one-half of THZ—an acoustic hip-hop duo who is infamously found in the “belly” of New York City’s subways.


Photo Cred: http://wearethz.com.


Music group “To Hack Zion” (better known as THZ) consists of Hack himself, and Zion who is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts attending the Institute of Audio Research for his training and certification. Together, they have been performing on the trains of New York City in which has resulted in a manager’s eyes for guiding the group, as FundAnything advertisement of THZ, reads:

“My name is Jazz, I currently manage the Brooklyn-based musical duo THZ. I am raising money to help them gain physical and financial stability. Currently they have no place to record their music and one of the members is struggling with homelessness…I  was so moved by their work that I created their websites and have begun helping with managerial duties free of charge.”

That’s the power of music, poetry, and artistry my friends. Speaking of Hack’s music, I find “S.O.S.” ft. Kyhana illustrating the soul of humble beginnings as a lyricist in searching for his own path. As a strong supporter of capturing the many poetic voices of the city, I look forward to seeing his growth and development as the artist is meant to be, and I’m sure you will also. Follow Hack on Instagram and Twitter: @hvckavelii, and visit his official website: hackofficial.com and THZ’s official website: wearethz.com.


Photo Cred: @hvckavelii

ideo of The Surface NYC: THZ