Brentnol Adams: Bringing Flavor from your Ears to your Tastebuds | By: Nelson Tirado III



Notoriously known as “Chef Papi,” Brentol Adams had an exquisite taste for music and the arts after joining the band when in grade school. Growing up in the Bensonhurst Brooklyn area naturally exposed and influenced him to many cultural themes, backgrounds, and personal experiences. He continued pursuing his passion by becoming a band major for the Brooklyn High School of the Arts. However, he found an innovative way to blend his passion to the uniqueness in his family-owned restaurant, “Two Steps Down—” mastering the craft of cooking by moving up in position, from a dishwasher to kitchen operations manager.

After learning under his family’s wings, Brentnol increased his natural talent, passion, and craftsmanship of cooking under the knowledge of world-renowned mentors and executive chefs, such as Bravo TV’s Top Chef of New York, Brian Pancir whom he highly values his knowledge from. In the video, “Chef Papi” was interviewed on Dre’s House for Chef Brian Pancir’s Chef Challenge. The theme was “New Orleans meets Little Italy, New York,” in which he made a Cajun lobster sautéed with a brown bourbon glaze, dirty Louisiana rice and an Italian risotto with an asparagus sautéed with a sweet bourbon glaze.  Here are a few pictures of his tasteful craft:

chefpapi4 chefpapi3 chefpapi2

Brentnol Adams currently serves as the Lead Cook for The Players Circle at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. Here is more detailed information of the family-run restaurant, Two Doors Down, reviewed by TimeOut New York Brentnol Adams strives for the day culinary students and food enthusiasts will be influenced by his vision of cooking from its soul, and illustrate each dish as a masterpiece.



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