Terra Kati: A Musicality-Breaking Innovator | By: Nelson Tirado III


Twenty-four year old Singer, and songwriter and member of F.A.N.G G.A.N.G, Terra Kati is breaking the technicality of music through her organic and animated voice. Her sound is rebellious, yet recognizes the current state of Hip Hop, calming and yet ambient showcasing her versatile capabilities. Her backstory stems from being birthed from Earth itself, and thus journeying through new locations and thoughts through sound every two years at most in hopes to finding her purpose through her adventures, and discovering the true meaning of peace within oneself and others around her.

In Terra Kati’s latest adventure, the listener finds her in Queens, New York where the most up frontal location for culture and diversity is found which allows her to experience all sorts of individualism, rebellion, and innovation at her front door. One of my favorite tracks is “Find A Way,” and “Run With You—” coming from her “Terra Kati (Earth Music)” body of music as she states within,

“If I was your soul I’d bless you while you sleep, wrap you up in colors and caress you while you dream. Never you’ll forget I’m the one to shadow clouds and learn to take high. The one who wants to show you to your inside. Baby do I make you alive?”

​ This is set as a prelude to her untitled EP on its way to debut early 2015. Want to hear more? Here is the link to all of Terra Kati’s latest hits: TerraKati

Also Visit the F.A.N.G G.A.N.G website for more info on Terra Kati: IamFang




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