Briana René: Inspirational Creativity Ignites | By: Nelson Tirado III


In a world where a cold shoulder is the norm, it’s difficult to realize there would be a person in this new generation who would strive to make a difference. However, there is one person who is standing up and out, breaking the silence, and her name is Briana René. Only 17 years old and born in Brooklyn, New York, she is using her love for life, art, poetry, and music to influence the people around her for the better as she began singing at 4 years old, and poetry at 8. Words to describe her would be “aspiring,” “ambitious,” and “soul-searching” as Brianna enlightens others through her a heat-warming positive aura, beauty and beautiful mind, funny and wise character, and mental stimulation. She is an overall young Moesha of sorts with a “good vibes only” innovative mindset. We had the distinguished honor to interview Briana René:

BLACK: What inspired you to write “Afraid to Love” and “Education,” and are there any underlining meanings you wanted your audience to know about?  
The inspiration behind “Afraid to Love” was to express everyone’s fear of vulnerability with the wrong person. On the other hand, “Education” is pretty intense and powerful where I give the people the truth. Knowledge is power.

BLACK: Who showed/taught you how to write poetry and/or singing?
I was taught how to write poetry when I was in the 2nd grade. I wrote acronyms, haikus, diamanté, and limericks. When I got older, I wrote one poem one day, and since then continued to reveal my talent. Furthermore, I began singing at 4 on my own. I feel it was God’s gift to me. Growing up, I was in choir, live performances, and church to help build my voice.

BLACK: What challenges do you face when writing?
 I used to get writer’s block and get upset when I didn’t write. Now it’s much easier because I love writing and it’s more intriguing when I’m in a bad mood to create poetry.

BLACK: Where would you like to perform your pieces of poetry?
I would like to perform my pieces of poetry at BAM one day or events that are really popular to get my voice out there.

BLACK: Will there be any projects/upcoming performances in the near future?
I hope. I’m focused on school right now and it’s been hectic so I don’t really have time to do much with my singing. However, I wanted to go to the studio and record. Then, with my poetry I would love to get promoted for poetry slams.

BLACK: How do you see yourself in the future fulfilling your purpose as to influencing the people, and the world around you?
  I see myself as an innovator because of my keen mind and eccentric behavior. I want to create a different vibe to create peace and help the homeless. When I enter college, I wish to continue with my talents. I would major in Vocal Performance and minor in Creative Writing. I would love to get a master’s degree in vocal performance and go on from there. I really love what I’m blessed with. Since I was little girl, I always said I wanted to be a superstar like Beyoncé or Rihanna. I would reenact music videos. I’ve always being told that I have star potential which is my biggest motivation. I won’t stop until I achieve and excel in life.

Education by Briana René

Having an education is serious
If you don’t let your mind enhance
You will have no chance
Learning and knowledge is respected
Not something that needs to be neglected
In America you should know what is expected
Become a televised robot to the societal standards of something that’s pathetic
When you pick up a book
You make others jealous
We both know when two strong minds collide
One wants to defeat
And the other wants to win
It’s a competitive and crazy life we’re born in.

Afraid to Love by Briana René

​ We’re scared of lonely
Scared of what would make us love with fear
Fear of someone not being there
Neglect is the biggest scare
Yet we rather have people hurt us and love those who aren’t even there
Surprisingly the truth be told, everything that glitters ain’t gold
And love is like a symphony that we wish to be a beautiful epiphany
To create with the mind a fantasy
A king and his queen
We want to dwell in everlasting love
However, we have to love ourselves before we can love someone else.





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