Jacklyn’s Closet: Top Hair Regimens For All Natural Hair Types


Photo Credit: BlackHairInformation.com

Natural girls are not afraid to tell you that all hair types are not the same! These types differ in density, elasticity, length and texture. In the chart above you will see the most common hair types amongst women of color as advertised on Black Hair Information. However, as much as we try to protect our hair, unconsciously we often stress it out, which can cause different sections to become contrasting textures and/or curl patterns. Luckily in this day and age, the internet is filled with natural hair regimens to keep those lovely manes intact, but patience and researching is key!

We’re here to help make things easier with a compiled list of hair regimens for all natural hair types.

Controlling Dryness in 4a-4c Natural Hair    

(Photo Cred: MySistersClosetNy)

nyc-ss-hair-14_347x520 camille_walton

Keeping 4a-4c hair moisturized may seem like a tedious task because this hair type is the most coarse and coily. Unfortunately, kinkier hair makes it harder for the natural oils in your scalp to travel down the hair strands, which is why we recommend sealing this hair type with heavy coating butters such as:

Natural African Shea Butter (HouseOfBeautyWorld.com $5)



T.G.I.N Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer (Amazon.com $15)
Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.04.16 PM

…And my all-time favorite! Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque (Sheamoisture.com $13)


By oiling hair once or twice a day, or using a wash treatment once every two weeks you can eliminate dryness, breakage and make your styling process a whole lot easier!

Detangling 3c Natural Hair                                                        

(Photo Cred: Shinestruck.com & Naturallycurly.com)


Detangling 3c hair may seem a little easier than coarser hair types but it still permits the same love and care. You can use two methods: finger detangling and detangling with a wide tooth comb.


Hercules Sägemann Magic Star Comb (hotcombs.com $20)

Similar combs like these can also be found in your local beauty supply store anywhere from $1-$5.

Prep hair by using a homemade spritz bottle filled with (1) virgin olive oil, (2)water, (3) coconut oil (first photo, Trader Joes $14) and (4) Jojoba Oil (second photo, Trader Joes $13).

$_58 tumblr_msdcz64dM31rr7vzro1_1280

Allow the dampness to sit in your strands for a few minutes to allow moisture to set in then start by parting your hair into 4-6 sections and separating each with clips or hair ties.

Detangle hair by taking each sections and comb starting from bottom to the top. Be gentle and try not your yank on hair to eliminate breakage.

Eliminating excessive dandruff in all types                                        

(Photo Cred: Scienceyoucanlove.tumblr.com)


Dandruff can be caused by many things: an excessively dry scalp, irritated oily skin, yeast-like fungus or sensitivity to hair products. Some natural girls accumulate more dandruff than others causing itchiness, damage and scarring on the scalp and sometimes worse, medical concerns. These are two awesome ways to get rid of those pesky flakes.

100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil (Pipingrock.com $6)

100-pure-tea-tree-oil-australian-5051Tea tree oil has been crowned as one of the best anti-dandruff/anti fungal treatments of all time. After shampooing, mix one tablespoon of tea tree oil with aloe vera juice, work into the scalp and let it set. After two minutes pat the excess moisture out. This oil can also be added to shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers. It is medically proven to be a great disinfectant.

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (Vitamin Shoppe $6):Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 4.13.36 PMApple Cider Vinegar can be used as a prewash regimen to cure dandruff. Massage into scalp and let it sit under a shower cap for 40 minutes. Rinse and dry. You can repeat this process based on severity of dandruff, preferably once or twice every two weeks.

Stretching Natural Hair Types without heat                                        

The percentage of elasticity in your hair determines the amount of shrinkage you will face when it gets wet. So it is possible for natural hair that falls past the shoulders to shrink just above the ears when washed. This is the beauty of hair versatility when it comes to women of color. Most times, using heat to stretch hair can be risky leading to heat damage, destruction of curl pattern, fried strands and unwanted split ends. Here are two awesome videos highlighting easy hair-stretching techniques:

I hope these tips allow you guys to experiment and play with your hair. Whatever you do, remember to love and care for your mane, treat it like your baby!


Getting To Know Zeke Jaye | By: Krista Bryant


Zeke Jaye, is an innovator in his own right. He is a man of many talents including singing, rapping and acting. Born and raised in Queens, Jaye, like many kids, needed an outlet to escape the harsh realities of life. Since jumping into the music scene, Zeke Jaye has released three mixtapes, his most recent one entitled G.O.L.D. (Greatly Looking Over Defeat). All of his songs are written from life experiences. We recently caught up with Zeke Jaye and asked him a few questions about his career and how it started:

BLACK: What was the starting moment of your career?

Zeke Jaye: The starting moment of my career was in 2012 when I released my first official mixtape entitled JAYE (Just A Young Entertainer) in July. I released other mixtapes since then like two or three but at that time I was trying to find myself as an artist. My music and ideas were all over the place but with my JAYE mixtape I sat down and tried to put down a body of work that defined and introduced me and my sound to the world. Summer of 2012, I found myself as an artist and in October I started performing at open mics every Wednesday. That was the beginning of my music career. Since I was 7, I was an actor and dancer so I was already familiar with the stage and performing. It was just a huge step to add singing and rapping.

BLACK: You’re from Queens, who are some of your favorite Queens rappers?

ZJ: I always gotta pay homage to the greats from Queens like LL cool J,  Mobb Deep, 50 cent. Lyrically I respect them especially 50 cent. I respect him as an artist and as a man. He is fearless and he has the mentality that “I’m coming for your head and destroy you if you even THINK about coming for mine”. So that speaks to me a lot.

BLACK: All of your songs are based from life experiences, which song(s) is the most special to you and why?

ZJ: I have two songs actually that are my favorites. The first one is off my recent mixtape entitled GOLD (Greatly OverLooking Defeat) which is available on Datpiff now. The song is called “Must Be Dreaming” and this one is about being so in love with the girl of your dreams it almost feels like it is a dream and waking up to that special someone every day got you unsure if it’s a reality or a never-ending fairytale. The song is pop/r&b and is dedicated to someone I care about. We shot the video and I directed it. It’s currently on YouTube now and it’s very trippy and dreamy. I wrote that song with pure love for the girl it’s about. The other song ironically is along the same guidelines but this is like “must be dreaming’s” dark evil twin. This is called Nightmare. It’s on my next project I’m working on now but this song is basically saying that if the girl I love is not next to me when I wake up I must be still sleeping having a nightmare. This song is very mellow r&b with a hint of alternative rock. It has a Drake/Partynextdoor feel to it. I sing and rap on this track and it’s like a vent track of how I messed up and now I’m realizing and suffering and in a nightmare.

BLACK: What motivates you to keep going?

ZJ: I’m motivated by a lot to be honest. Music motivates me so much because there’s so many different sounds, styles and genres all to be explored. You can do whatever you want and create whatever you want, there’s no rules to music. Music is like its own world inside planet earth. I am also motivated by my haters and people who doubt me. I am constantly hated on by people and instead of letting that stop me or bring me down it rises me up and say well damn its time to prove them wrong and I end up on top all the time by hard work and the grace of God. I motivate myself also. Not to sound cocky but I am in a competition with myself. I always try to make music better than my last song I released or recorded. My future Zeke gotta stunt on and outshine my past Zeke. But it’s all a learning process. God sends me through situations and puts obstacles in my way to test my faith and gives me new material to create music about.

BLACK: How would you classify yourself as an artist? How is your music different from others?

ZJ: I don’t call myself an artist really. I see myself as an entertainer. I sing, dance, rap, write songs, and act. I apply all of that to my music. Most artists these days don’t put a lot of time and thought into their music as a whole. Every song I record or create is an original piece that I already see a music video in my head for. I record the song while the video is playing in my head. It allows me to be more descriptive vocally. Every video I do has a storyline or mini movie aspect to it so that I can showcase my acting side and keep the viewer’s interest visually. I dance in all my videos which allows me to incorporate my acrobatic skills. I also add a little comic relief in the videos. On my live performances my energy stays on 1000 and I love interacting with my audience to make it feel like it’s a vibe session not a boring performance. People don’t have to watch me or listen to me so when they are I make sure they get a full show that they will never forget. This entertainment business is very strategic you have to bring your “A” game or you won’t be noticed. I love my craft and I train and embrace my God-given talents and combine them into one. I feel that’s what make me different and successful at what I love to do.

For more from Zeke Jaye, check out a sample from his Soundcloud.

And check out the video to his single “Must Be Dreaming”:



SecondBorn: The Entrepreneurs of Music | By: Megan S. Felix


Imagine taking control of your own destiny. Secondborn, alternative rock/punk group has been creating their fate ever since March 2014. Having a say in everything including media outlet affiliation and production has given the band an opportunity to create authentic music that they’ve always wanted to achieve. With six creative band members and a following of 20,000 listeners on Facebook, who’s to say these lucky fellows aren’t living the American Dream?

For their upcoming EP Symbols, including six captivating tracks that represents and highlights each member’s musical abilities, the bandmates are coming together to “put out a top notch record to catch the industry’s attention.” In their new single “When Lion’s Dream” the song starts with an array of guitars and drums transitioning into a soft yet hardcore melody from vocalists Daniel Pinner and Tim Benson. The tune is upbeat and no doubt a Top 40 club banger, definitely something you’d hear on the radio and you’ll probably be amazed at how smooth their sound has been engineered and executed, considering the fact that everything has been self-produced.

For more awesome music from Secondborn visit their:

Official Website




Walter Scott Ran, Bullets Follow | By: Nelson Tirado III


Officer Slager | Photo Credit: ABCNews.com

A white police officer was charged against what is illustrated as a piece-by-piece murder case of the shooting death of an unarmed black man—while running away from the officer.

Based on The New York Times’ reporters Michael S. Schmidt and Matt Apuzzo’s article titled, “South Carolina Officer Is Charged With Murder of Walter Scott,” the shooting happened on Saturday, April 4, 2015 in North Charleston, South Carolina. Officer Michael T. Slager, 33, responded to a traffic stop. This turned to a scuffle between him and Walter, 50, who took his stun gun and ran the opposite direction of him. Michael was said to have been feared for his life due to the loss of his stun gun. The officer then shot at Walter eight times while fleeing away from him.


Walter Scott | Photo Cred: NYDailyNews.com

According to police reports, Officer Slager stopped the driver of a Mercedes-Benz due to a broken taillight. After stopping him via car, Mr. Scott runs away from Officer Slager by foot. It is then how Officer Slager chased the driver, Walter Scott, into the greasy lot near a muffler shop for which a video from a bystander near the muffler shop, given to The New York Times by the Scott family’s lawyer, surfaced showing Officer Slager shooting at Walter.

The video presents a different story which begins at the vacant lot moments after Officer Slager fired his Taser. However, there is something which Officer Slager tossed to the ground before shooting Mr. Walter, and placed near his body after the shooting.

Officer Michael was then fired and charged with murder as anger from protesters erupted. North Charleston police chief, Eddie Driggers told reporters, “I have watched the video, and I was sickened by what I saw.” Also, the Supreme Court stated that any officer may use deadly force against a suspect fleeing away from the officer only when probable cause is found which “poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others.”

As of April 13, 2015 there is a possibility of other South Carolina police officers being charged for the shooting death of Walter Scott based on not following protocol enough to save Walter’s life. In the video, Officer Clarence Habersham is seen shortly after the shooting, and wrote a two sentenced report stating that he “attempted to render aid to the victim by applying pressure to the gunshot wounds.” Mr. Scott family’s lawyer, Justin Bamberg as well as black leaders such as Cedric L. Alexander (President of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives; member of a task force created by President Obama) awaits many other police reports and autopsy to be revealed. As pieces of the crime unfolds, many such as Walter’s family with four children, and protestors are left questioning the intent of Officer Slager, and demanding more integrity from police officers.

Below is the tapped video from The New York Times: Nytimes.com

Below is a YouTube video from CNN of the Dash Cam from Officer Slager’s police car:


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Phylicia’s Closet: Michelle Obama- ‘The First Lady of Fashion’

She is the reigning first lady of our country. The wife of our first African American president, Mr. Barack Obama. She is a humanitarian, down to earth and strikingly beautiful. Who doesn’t know Michelle Obama? That is the question. For seven years, in addition to all of her first lady duties, Mrs. Obama has taken on a new role or rather title that I like to call “the first lady of fashion”. She is a fashionista in her own right and has set many trends in motion. Her style is feminine, playful and edgy at times but she always demands attention and everyone knows she means business. Here are a few of her best outfit choices (All photos sourced on Instyle):

Edgy Chic


Worn in Cambodia at the historical Angkor Wat Temple | BCBG Max Azria dress and Converse shoes

Metallic Pastel


Worn on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno | Michael Kors metallic gold crew neck top, J Crew skirt, House of Lavande Belt

Frills & Flare


Worn at the 2012 Democratic National Convention | Tracy Reese dress

Sheer Elegance

sheereleganceobamaWorn to Washington DC dinner event | Marchesa gown, Tom Binns necklaces.

Printed Floral

printedfloralobamaWorn at the Mandela Washington fellowship for young African American leaders | Carolina Herrera shirt-dress

The Modern Suit

modernsuitobamaLook was worn at President Obama’s 6th state of the union address | Michael Kors suit

 Here are two awesome looks inspired by the first lady:

Peplum craze

The peplum trend is definitely one to look out for. It is fun, flirty and feminine. The short flared, gathered or pleated hem has been seen on tops, skirts and dresses such as Michelle Obama’s. This can also be a great look for accentuating curves when needed depending on where the peplum flare is. Keep this classy look simple and effortless just like the first lady did with minimal jewelry and a cute pair of pumps. Let the peplum speak for itself!

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 1.59.10 AM

 Metallic Pastels

Who knew metallic and pastels went so well together? This is such a sweet spring look. Wear Michelle’s look to brunch or the office and my other two looks for an evening out. Pair subtle pumps and accessories to finish the ensemble. You will be sure to dazzle!

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 1.58.52 AM

For more from Phylicia’s closet visit: THEEFASHIONNURSE

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Unravelling the truth behind Industrial and Metal | By: Megan Felix


You don’t usually think about a blend of industrial, ambient and metal sounds, but when you do, The Unravelling is the two-man-band to place in the midst of that equation. Meet Gustavo De Beauville and Steve Moore, an adventurous, risk-taking group that has a bit more than basic rock up their sleeves.

After being recognized for winning “Best Album Production” in the 2010 Alberta Music Awards, The Unravelling made a VIP appearance on sites such as metalsucks.net and metalunderground.com. It wasn’t always a high road though. In 2011, lead singer Steve Moore faced a terrible turn when his sudden illness caused the band to put their music on a brief hold. But the work didn’t stop there, De Beauville polished his instrumental strengths and worked solo until his main man slowly eased his way back to good health.

It’s true when they say it takes a challenge to test your determination, because post Moore’s health restoration, the twosome are now making music better than ever before! And what do they have to show for it? Their newest hit single “Revolt”, telling a story of intimate self-development, proving that the best lyrics are always the one’s you’ve actually lived.

To hear more new music from The Unvravelling visit their Bandcamp and Facebook.


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H.A.C.K. THZ: Acoustic Hip Hop Rises | By: Nelson Tirado III


Sometimes, a “dollar and a dream,” and a stage platform such as the 4 train is all you need to begin building a legacy. For an artist such as the H.A.C.K. (Honorable Amazing Charismatic Kid), this is the recipe to his come up as an individual artist and building his own group—with one person taking hold of his vision, and pointing him to the right direction.

From being born in The Bronx to be raised in Brooklyn, Christopher “H.A.C.K” Williams had a found ear for writing lyrical content at a young age. Writing was as natural to him as breathing as he demonstrated his talents, and train of thought from writing comic books to performing in the subways of New York City. From then on, he upholds the name, “H.A.C.K.”—similar to one who manipulates computer programs, but in his case, towards manipulating words for a higher level of reflections and actions of change. Nonetheless, I had the distinguished privilege to interview the man behind the title:

BLACK: By whom or how, specifically did you received the name “H.A.C.K.?”

HACK: From a child and the area where I was from, the term “hack” means aggression, especially in ball. I was husky at the time and seen as aggressive in pick-up games. From then on the name stuck to me as a street name.

BLACK: How has the development of your writing influenced where you are today?

HACK: Based on my West-Indian descent, experiencing many cultures from The Bronx [heavily populated by Indians], my mother playing soulful music, and having many Spanish babysitters growing up blended into my music. Also, I love the actual writing process; however, most of my music is now from my within my head, how I’m feeling at the moment, and the sound of the music playing. When I hear the music or beat playing, a verse immediately comes to me and I start saying the verse over and over till others come, and the process repeats. It’s sort of a “checks-and-balances” process. At this point though, I’ve been having too many songs in my mind, and I have been back to physical documentation of the lyrics. Nonetheless, freestyling is my secret weapon of choice.
BLACK: What music management(s) have you experienced, and currently under?
HACK: I’m currently independent as self-management. I have experienced many different entities and mentors such as Toni Blackman, The Future Project (a national movement empowering the next generation to build the future, one dream from another), and Buckshot from Duck Down Productions.  From having all the mentorship and advice, it’s a give and take as there are certain expectations to give back to not only my mentors, but my audience as well.

BLACK: Where do you plan to break and expand your music?
HACK: I have no plan specifically right now, nothing fixed. My music is based on connecting with people who would have a certain vibe or frequency. Then will people get me, my expression, and my creativity. I have a certain versatility in my words and my music. I don’t want to be stuck in a box and get lost from my audience. Me being real has shown me that my audience has no hate on being myself. In overall, my energy is magnetic.


BLACK: Who is THZ and will there be a separate/inside project?

HACK: THZ is a collective group/duo of me and my brother Zion formed a couple of summers ago. He’s a very talented, hungry producer, engineer, musician, and dancer I saw in Union Square at a Legendary Cyphers event. I had an overall respect for him in his hustle, creativity, and had an organic manner to his style. We were developing a project, but over time we became more focused on building the foundations of our own work. Over the past, I’ve mentored him in performing as an emcee. He’s a musician, but he doesn’t use his voice as often. When we first train performed we weren’t as welcomed as I would hoped to be, and we were still rough around the edges. But the second time around went great, and had the opportunity to be filmed for a documentary on train performing for a website. In all, THZ is an acronym for our names together, “To Hack Zion,” a play off of THC [Tetrahydrocannabinol, a chemical used for most of marijuana’s psychological effects]. THZ also means figuring out, or cracking the code for the world we aspire to live in, such as Heaven or a particular paradise.

BLACK: What is the number one, most important piece of advance/guidance you have been given to carry out as a hip-hop artist?

HACK: Progress is an everlasting process. I’ve learned this through the combination of mentors I’ve had where you cannot be afraid to grow, and sacrifice allows you to grow. There will never be a time where you can say you’re done or you did all that you could as there’s always something more to gain.


That’s the power of music, poetry, and artistry my friends. Speaking of Hack’s music, I find “S.O.S.” ft. Kyhana illustrating the soul of humble beginnings as a lyricist in searching for his own path. As a strong supporter of capturing the many poetic voices of the city, I look forward to seeing his growth and development as the artist is meant to be, and I’m sure you will also. Follow Hack on Instagram and Twitter: @hvckavelii, and visit his official website: WeAreTHZ

Video of The Surface NYC: THZ




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