King’s Presentation Connects Music Manager | By: Nelson Tirado III


From die-hard fans to the new listeners, many outside of the music industry only see a finishing product as the new hit record. Yet for some, the hit record begins from within.

One of the most underrated questions I find today concerning any hip-hop artist’s come up is this: What does it take? As for a humble, yet outspoken hip-hop artist, Jay King, he understands it takes more than a lyrical punch line to stand alone from the crowd; it takes a business mindset and image. Presentation and image work as more, or higher, than the content itself with Jay King coming from Brooklyn, New York—the nitty gritty flow of rap, and business comes hand-in-hand.

As he is currently under the Independent label, C.L.R. Records, with his first mixtape titled, “Breathing Room” capturing the essence of fighting for a way out through a hungry work-ethics and pressure, Jay King finds himself at an event, and commits his skills with the intelligence and wit of music manager, Yardley “Cutty Palance” Firmin.

Cutty Palance so happened to find himself at the right place, at the right time through his own come up from being a party promoter, to now radio-host, and a cutting-edge music manager and aspiring mogul. I had the distinct opportunity to speak with Cutty for the inside scoop on Jay King, and finding the keys towards answering that underrated question.


Photo Cred: C.L.R. Records


BLACK: How did you and Jay King connect?

Cutty: We met three years ago at a networking event I should’ve went to as I was supposed to work for someone else, and we made a promise to each other. We also didn’t even realize we go to the same school.

BLACK: What makes a client such as Jay King, attractive to you for management? Do you go about client selection, and how?
Cutty: Jay King is different from others as he makes his own music rather than the overplayed “trap” music to which I don’t find appealing both personally and towards business as it’s not marketable. I would say yes, and no. It all depends on the individual as there’s a standard to fulfill—the artist must be able to perform and rock a crowd.
BLACK: What challenges have you faced as a music manager for Jay King, and in general?
Cutty: Having others to listen to Jay King’s music has been the most challenging issue so far. There are blogs looking for specifics when it comes to music, and dj’s who are not looking for the type of music Jay King has to offer.

BLACK: How as party promoting and your experience in radio, influenced your career as a music manager?
Cutty: It’s funny, I became a party promoter by accident.

BLACK: At what venues/locations do you see Jay King breaking into?
Cutty: SOB’s is our next biggest threshold [live music venue and restaurant in Manhattan]. As for locations, I’m looking more so out of New York, such as Atlanta, Connecticut, California, Ohio, Detroit, Florida (Miami).


BLACK: Where do you see Jay King in the independent music and entertainment industries, and what can your audience expect to see from Jay King (such as upcoming projects, appearances, etc)?
Cutty: I want Jay King to enter more into the club scenes, and urban blogs which are heavy on sneakers as Jay King is a huge Nike sneakerhead (any Nike sneaker or gear per say). Jay will have a performance at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in The Bronx. His latest mixtape dropped since 2012, but he is working on a brand new mixtape series.

As he was off to meet with Jay King set to perform at John Jay at the time, I couldn’t help but wonder what would be next for Jay and his manager Cutty, while I became a first listener to his music, in search for the bigger story–that’s what it takes my friends.
Follow Jay King’s Instagram and Facebook: @jaykingfmc and Twitter: @fmc_jayking

Also, follow Cutty Palance’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @cuttypalance

Below is Jay King’s official video for “Voicemails”: is sponsored by:

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 1.33.58 AMimage1 Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 2.57.17 AM


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