New Album “Late 44”: Louise Aubrie | By: Megan Felix


London native, Louise Aubrie knows just how to make the best of a Punk-rock and Indie-pop mix. After launching her career at the Mill Hill Music Complex in London, Aubrie took her music on the road to the big apple, New York City where she met other talented musicians who inspired her to build genuine artistry and create a well-known name for herself. 

When her debut album was released in 2010, she had the privilege of receiving airplay in both the UK and the US and now five years later, Aubrie’s authentication in self-written pieces has brought her to recording a third album called, ‘Late 44’, which is set to be released on July 13, 2015. The album will feature stars like Tom Edwards, Joe Holweger and many more, equipped with ten tracks filled with conversation starting titles such as the opening song “Masterstroke” and the follow up “Tearjerker”.

For more information on Louise Aubrie’s upcoming album visit, her official Soundcloud and Facebook.


Kevin Jenkins: When A Veteran Goes Solo| By: Megan Felix


Kevin Jenkins is no rookie to this music thing, and with a career lasting over 3 decades long, opening up for acts worthy of name-dropping (including King of Pop, Michael Jackson) it’s safe to say Jenkins has just about done it all. What we can’t seem to decide is whether he’s better at singing or his mastery on the bass guitar. Luckily his fans were left to decide on June 9 when Jenkins released his second solo album titled Til The Story’s Told featuring talents such as Tomás Doncker, David Barnes and Heather Powell. The CD showcases a melding of Blues, Roots and Soulful Americana, almost similar to the sounds of Stevie Wonder.

Landing third on the track list, Jenkins’ lead single “Janie’s Silver Lining” brings listeners a tranquil, moderate ballad accompanied by female background vocals which paints the scene to the lyrics that tells a story of a woman trying to let go of a dark past.

What more needs to be said about a veteran who’s been in the game long enough to create yet another undisputed and captivating solo work of art?

Just Listen! You can find Jenkins’ full album on his official website:  KevinJenkinsMusicGroup or stream it live from his Soundcloud.


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CURLFEST 2015: June 28th | By: Phylicia Bernard

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.44.45 PM

Calling all curly girls!!! The five day countdown has begun and YOU are invited!

The natural hair/ curly girl movement has been reaching new heights and it’s our time to celebrate our luscious locks. On June 28th grab your best girlfriends and come on out to CURLFEST 2015. Brooklyn’s Prospect Park will be a sea of afros, twist outs, curls, and braids while you picnic, shop the vendor marketplace, enjoy special guest talks, get pampered in the “curly girl pop up salon” and dance the afternoon away with the live DJ. Whether you are new to the natural hair game or a veteran, you will not be disappointed with what this event has in store. The event is from 1-6pm so come early and don’t miss a beat.

P.S. Follow @Curlygirlcollective on Instagram and tag #CURLFEST for a chance to win prizes at the festival.

The Delta’s Are In Too Deep | By: Megan Felix

fPrT2Hph2f9fvZX-UcQc0jcq-Wvy5W3grxQ3TzXgyI8On Wednesday June 17, a witty foursome brought down the house at Hollywood’s Hotel Cafe with an exclusive sold out show. As a beast on the mic took the stage blurting out her powerful vocals and boisterous musical demeanor, the crowd thundered in support of the moving performance.

That foursome included lead vocalist, Phil Collen, bass guitarist, Robert DeLeo, drummer/percussionist, Forrest Robinson, and lead singer Debbi Blackwell-Cook. It wasn’t long after teaming up in 2012 to create the ultimate “extreme blues project” that they realized it was only right to release their self-titled debut album, “DELTA DEEP” which will be available on June 23, 2015.  Individually, each band member has had a taste of the mainstream music industry working with well-known artists such as Luther Vandross, Michael Buble and Stone Temple Pilots. As a result, they have compiled a lineup of bragging worthy achievements including: 100 million albums sold, 2 Diamond awards, 2 Grammys, a variety of American Music Awards and almost everything in between.

Bang the Lid, the opening track to the 11-song debut album, starts off with a country-rock rhythm, a strong bluesy vocal range and a catchy background clapping beat, to create the mood, definitely a great way to open things up. The tracks are all produced and written by Phil Collen, Helen L. Collen, and Debbi Blackwell-Cook and a hint of influence from some of their inspirations like Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin and Chaka Khan.

To get a first listen at all their new hits visit their Official Website and Facebook.

And listen to a sample of Bang the Lid



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Entrepreneurship On The Rise: The Grand Opening Of 3ds Hall | By: Krista Bryant

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 8.05.13 PM

This past weekend I had the honor and privilege of witnessing the beginning of a new era. The grand opening of 3ds hall was a momentous event filled with family, friends, and colleagues of the owners. I had a chance in speaking with Danika on how and why they decided to start this business venture via email.

Danika C’s response: 3Ds Hall was opened by twin sisters Danika and Danella who were born and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The sisters had a vision to open a premier event space in the neighborhood. Teaming up with two additional partners this vision came to life on June 20, 2015, with a ribbon cutting/networking event from Noon to 2pm and a celebration day party from 2pm-11pm.

This luxurious event space will be used to host birthday celebrations, anniversaries, retirement parties, corporate and community events, Business meetings, fashion and hair shows, book signings, and dance performances. Both sisters are educators therefore the event space will be used you to give back to the community with tutoring services and award ceremonies for deserving youth. 3Ds Hall is located at 885 Lexington Ave between Broadway and Patchen which welcomes those who wants to host any events with open arms and doors. 3Ds Hall shares the block with another new business, Dwana dance Studio. These two businesses have the hopes to bring a sense of class and elegance to the up and coming neighborhood. For booking information follow their Instagram.


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Travis Little: Brown Skin | By: Jazmine Abner


Travis Little’s first single entitled Brown Skin from the upcoming mixtape “Gate Keeper” is a refreshing sound for the summer and the neo-soul community. His potential expands far with his poetic approach, lyrical substance, and catchy melodies solidifies his own lane. We caught up with the talented artist to get the scoop on it all:

BLACK: What inspires your creativity?

Travis Little: My creativity is a reflection of the world around me. So everything! From the trees, to energies, to people it’s all a reflection of self. Music is spiritual.

BLACK: How important is being “different” to you?

TL: Non-important. You trying to be different you’re just being someone else. You have to find your own identity.

BLACK: When did you realize you wanted to be an artist?

TL: 1993 when watching Michael Jackson moon walking across my television.


BLACK: Give me a short summary of most recent accomplishments.

TL: That moment when you’re singing your song and the whole crowd knows the words. Felt really good. And my last show I got possessed on stage. Craziest feeling ever.

BLACK: Name some artists you would like to collaborate with.

TL: Kendrick, Khalil, Big KRIT, Capital Steez…Rest in Power

BLACK: What’s your stance on love & relationships? Are you engulfed in either?

TL: Love is beautiful. It’s selfish to spend life alone. And yes I’m in love with my queen!

BLACK: If you could put a color to your sound what would it be ?

TL: Purple and indigo.

BLACK: What do you plan to accomplish musically?

TL: I wanna be like Fela Kuti. Or the Stokley Carmichael of my generation. Activist then artist.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 7.28.41 PM

BLACK: What are some challenges you face as an eccentric underground artist?

TL: Payment! No one ever wants to pay you. But they always have the nerve to say keep doing what you doing. Like I would like to but this [explicit] ain’t free.

BLACK: Three adjectives to describe yourself.

TL: Forever growing, hungry and love

To check out some of Little’s art, get acquainted with his SoundcloudOfficial Website & Instagram and follow his pages for exclusive music, release party dates, and information on upcoming projects, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts.


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Nature Ganganbaigal: Film and Game Music At It’s Finest | By: Megan Felix


Emotion: a word that is commonly understood but seems almost foreign when the idea of how it’s created musically, is brought up in a conversation. Just imagine, a feature film or video game without a hint of background music to elevate or decrease the mood. That’s where Nature Ganganbaigal comes in residing in the big apple, using his songwriting and fiddle talents to foreshadow the setting, plot and emotion behind every scene. With a wide range of genres under his belt including electronic modern film scores and orchestral music, Nature has written music for indie studios and large media firms. 


Huffington Post says “Nature’s cosmic sounds are unique and recognizable” because you’ve probably heard his work in Montclair Film Fest, RXSM Film Expo and many more but his originality is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Following his many accolades from 2011 to just recently being awarded with the Timecode: NOLA Film Festival official selection, Nature released his first strong, emotion-filled album titled To Where Tengger Leads Me. 

With tracks like “Legend On Horseback” or better, “Symphony Of Steel, Pt. 1 and 2″ you will notice that Nature takes the idea of ambient music to a whole other level. Ranging from rapid and fierce to soft-melodic instrumentals, the Mongolian musician had combined traditional film music with a modern-day edge and you can see for yourself:

You can also check out Nature Ganganbaigal’s BandcampSouncloud and Official Website.

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