Young Entrepreneurs Making A Difference in East New York, Brooklyn | By: Krista Bryant


Growing up in a tough neighborhood like East New York, the residents are faced with the difficulties of trying to “make it out of the ‘hood”. The fact that East New York residents stand in the front of the face of adversity, it can be frustrating to overcome certain hardships for some people and not so frustrating for others. A perfect example of overcoming adversity and hardships are East New York residents Korey Browne, Melvin Faulkner, his wife Kishawna Faulkner and Creg Antony with the creation of a new clothing line Heart Of A Lion. Founded in 2014, Browne had a vision to produce something positive for everyone to be a part of. I had a chance to sit with Browne and his team to get the full story behind the Heart Of A Lion brand.

BLACK: How did Heart Of A Lion come about?

Korey Browne: The entity came from being in East New York all my life. Being in such a community like this one takes a lot to get out of, so that’s how the name came about. The design is a picture of a lion sitting on a throne with a green ring on his finger. The lion is a representation of a king as well as a strong man with the heart of a lion. The rings represents earth, and money in my eyes.

BLACK: How far do you see this brand going?

Korey Browne: I see Heart Of A Lion having the ability to reach into different stores one day. Right now, the traffic that we produce from the website and the instagram is great and I believe that everything will fall in place with time. I not only see this as a brand but I also see it as a legacy that will make its mark in this world when the time is right. I believe that it will have longevity as long as everyone plays their part and works together as a team.


BLACK: What’s everyone’s role in expanding the Heart Of A Lion brand?

Kishawna Faulker: I’m the liasion of the team. My role is to get the name out there which takes a lot of hard work and determination. Although there are times where we can become discouraged because we don’t come back with physical things, we still learn from the experience and we get a better understanding of how to properly build the brand.

Melvin Faulkner: I’m the visionary, spokesman and advertising specialist of the team. When there are events at my jobs or other functions that I attend, I always talk about Heart of a Lion so that it can get that exposure that it properly needs and deserves.

So what’s next for Heart Of A Lion?

In speaking with the team, I have learned that it is more than a brand, it is a spirit, it is a positive movement that is becoming an unstoppable force. We also spoke about the web designer Creg Antony, who wasn’t able to attend the interview, but plays a huge part in this growing success. Heart Of A Lion is an entity that cannot and will not be overlooked.


To join this movement follow them on instagram: @heart_of_a_lion_llc

& visit their website at Stay tuned to see what else they have in store.


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