Where Are They Now: Jelani Lateef | By: Megan Felix


When we last caught up with Mr. Old School in “Jelani Lateef: Old School Flow, New School Vibe” we were intrigued by the lyrical complexity of the Chicago native and almost one year later he’s back with more, pushing a new album called Cold Days and Dark Nights. “Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something,” Jelani says as he opens up the “Pursuit of Happyness” intro to his album. After founding his company, Manhood Ent. post losing the mother of his only daughter back in 2010, Lateef has been unapologetically doing everything the haters probably told him he couldn’t do.

The album tells a real life hip hop story through 16 tracks of diverting lyrics and beats. As it may be motivational for most of his fans, the album plays as a self-reflection and memoir piece for Jelani himself like on track “Can’t Stop Now” where he talks about his faults while on a path to stardom.

The good thing about great music like this is that it comes from a place where nothing is perfect. Not the creation of it, not the story behind it and definitely not the lyrics that shapes it, but the way it makes your feel seems closer to perfection than almost anything in the wor;d. Hard to believe? Check out Jelani’s latest hits from his Soundcloud and visit his official website at JelaniLateef.com

And check out his brand new video ‘The Lyrical’



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