A Day In the Life Of DJ Blackout | By: Krista Bryant

unnamed-1Koran Edwards, better known as DJ Blackout, has been making a name for his self in the smaller circuit of the DJ’ing world. Working diligently and endlessly to perfect his craft, Blackout has already reached major accomplishments. I had the opportunity to speak with him about being a DJ and getting started in this business.

BLACK: How did you start DJ’ing? Was it always a career goal or just a hobby?
DJ Blackout: Funny thing, I never wanted to become a DJ it just happened. I started DJ’ing by watching some of my best friends doing it while we were hanging out. I was curious about what they were doing and asked if they could teach me. After I learned the basics I continued it because I liked how I could control a crowd instantly. It started out as a hobby that grew into a career that I enjoy very much.

BLACK: How did you get the name Blackout?
DJ Blackout: How I got the name Dj Blackout was a horrible experience while I was DJ’ing at an event for Scott Morris at Saint Francis. I was DJ’jing the showcase and an artist plugged in his usb [drive] and it had a virus on it and it messed up my computer to the point where it would not cut back on. So my computer blacked out sadly. And from that day on DJ Blackout was born.


BLACK: What struggles have you faced throughout your career?
DJ Blackout: …Traveling with no car. When you have a lot of equipment to take far distances and you have no car or cab money what do you do? I had to do take public transportation to make it to my destinations which was a lot of hard work. Also, breaking into the clubs as a DJ is a hard task in itself and getting promoters to book you for their events when they use the same rotation of DJs.

BLACK: What’s your biggest fear about being a DJ?
DJ Blackout: People not having a good time when I DJ. They spend their free time to enjoy themselves and not think about their stressful lives when they go out. The least I can do for them is let them have some fun as they listen to me. If people are standing around I did not do my job as a DJ. 

BLACK: What are some of your greatest accomplishments since you started DJ’ing?
DJ Blackout: I have been blessed with traveling out of New York and within the Tri-state to DJ at a lot of prestigious universities. Also, becoming an official DJ for the Deans List Tour and DJ’ing at Howard University’s Homecoming in 2013 and 2014 alongside Matt The Violinist. [Before that] I have never performed in front of a crowd that was 15,000+, it was an honor to be there two years in a row. Last but not least, creating a network for DJs called Blacklisted. Giving opportunities to other DJs that do not have an outlet or network to reach the next level of their careers.

BLACK: Who motivates you to keep going?
DJ Blackout: All of my family members, friends and supporters that always tell me whether they see me live or listen to a mix that what I do makes their day better. Whatever bad mood that they were in changes after they listen to me play.

BLACK: What does a day in the life of Dj Blackout consists of?
DJ Blackout: A day in my shoes consists of no sleep basically. I work a regular 9 to 5 job alongside DJ’ing full-time. I have meetings with different clients ranging from retail, weddings, showcases and as well gearing up for Year 4 of Deans List Tour Auditions. If I’m not at meetings, I am DJ’ing at clubs in the Tri-state area and getting home at 5am afterwards for some sleep. I wouldn’t change anything I do because I love it and it’s fun for me.

To listen to some of DJ Blackout’s mixes follow him on Instagram.


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