Reyna Chasing Those Dreams | By: Megan Felix

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Reyna Von Chase is far from her self-labeled “everyday laid back girl” personality, and you’ll know why when you listen to the vocal ranges on her new remix of “U Mad” by Mensa featuring Kanye West. The club-banger-worthy track is only the tip of the iceberg of her many talents, including…jingles for canned Spam? Although it sounds a bit peculiar, this girl won’t miss beat in creating her undefined artistry image, which is why her music is both genreless and inspiring. Luckily we had the opportunity of getting in her head for a quick interview, here’s what she had to say:

BLACK: Who is Reyna Von Chase?

Reyna Von Chase: Who am I? I ask myself that everyday. For starters, I’m an Aries. I’m pretty much…that girl who’s rough around the edges on the outside but mushy gushy on the inside. The artist [in me] is my alter ego. I just want to be able to create; I don’t like to be limited. Like when people say I’m an R&B artist, it kind of makes me cringe because I have some pop songs, I have some rap songs…but I’m still growing as an artist.

BLACK: That totally makes sense because in this era, the whole idea of a genre is not even a thing anymore so I know what you mean. What are some of your accomplishments thus far when it comes to your music?

RVC: So far, I’ve released my first music video and that was definitely a milestone for me. I had a release party for it. I’m looking forward to starting an EP pretty soon and I have a couple of shows lined, so I’m constantly working.

BLACK: Are there any artists, underground or mainstream that you would like to work with?

RVC: [laughs] Oh boy! How many can I list? I want to work with Drake so badly, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Partynextdoor…but I would say Chris Brown is number one, I loved him ever since I was young. Chris Brown is a beast!

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BLACK: What advice do you have for young up and coming artists who are trying to make a name for themselves living in a world that has become so competitive when it comes to music?

RVC: This is going to sound cliché but, you cannot give up! You can’t stop, because I could’ve stopped a long time ago when I didn’t see the progress that I wanted. And it’s crazy because today I was reflecting on it like, I’m not where I want to be but all I can do is continue to try because if I die tomorrow… a college degree doesn’t matter, I want to do things the way I want to do it. I’m on a limited amount of time; we don’t have time so I just gotta hurry up.

BLACK: Are your musically trained? Did you go to school for music?

RVC: When I was younger I was a vocal major in both Jr. High and High School and after that I went to school for audio engineering and production so I have a little background in music and engineering. I’m not the best engineer, but I can do a little something something.

BLACK: You said you don’t like to be labeled and you like to work with different genres. So what is one genre you haven’t worked under and would like to dabble in?

Reyna Von Chase: Wow! Hmm, well this is not technically a genre but I would like to write jingles for companies like, McDonalds. I just sing random stuff and it works, you know? I remember a while ago when I came up with this jingle for Spam. You know how many people eat Spam? You know how much money I could make off of a jingle for Spam? Too bad I can’t remember it but whatever.


Make room for Ms. Reyna Von Chase because the airwaves aren’t quite prepared for this new sound, but we can’t deny that she has the ability to sit with the veterans who’ve been in the game for some time like…Chris Brown! Check out her new remix “U Mad” (click the photo) and her first music video “Let A Dog Roam” below:

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