Elessar Thiessen: A Rainy Week In Paradise | By: Megan Felix


Canadian singer/songwrtier, Elessar Thiessen always had a thing for music. He got acquainted with his first guitar at 8 years old, and at that moment, his relationship with music grew into a life-long passion. As a jack of many trades, Thiessan spends his day producing music full-time and writing self-written songs at night.

In his newest, full length album “A Rainy Week in Paradise” listeners take a walk with Thiessen through a bag of emotions including pain, fear and lack of self confidence overcome by joy, love and truth. Fortunately for Elessar, his creative process takes notice on all eleven songs from the album which are self-written and produced by him, along with the help of supporting vocals by Catherine Wylee in “Love Dear,” leading vocals by Alexa Dirks in “You Girl” and the mixing/mastering done by Jordan Jackiew.


Right now, Elessar is working as an independent producer while venturing out on his own musical endeavors but collaborates with Jordan from time to time. His talents has taken him to the production a variety of styles ranging from hip hop to pop. To hear more from Elessar visit:









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