Brooklyn Artist Kid Xandre: New Song- “Good Enough” | By: Tabia C. Robinson



Kid Xandre, a music artist from Brooklyn, has a new song out entitled “Good Enough”. The song was inspired by wanting people to know that they don’t have to seek satisfaction from others to prove they are worthy. He says, “I want people to know that they are good enough, even if it seems like all your efforts invested into someone doesn’t add up to it.” “The problem isn’t with you, it’s with themselves,” he affirms.

In “Good Enough” he’s dealing with a long distance relationship which seems to be going nowhere. He tries hard to keep the relationship together, but it’s just not working out. “Should I stay or should I go, I don’t know,” is a lyric repeated throughout the song by Kid Xandre and his backup vocalist and producer Tone Jonez. The song is very catchy and you will find yourself bobbing your head to the beat, it hits the core and everyone can relate to it if not now, definitely later.

Kid Xandre was inspired at a young age to write music. His musical inspiration derives from a scene from Disney’s, “A Goofy Movie”. In the movie,  Max promises his crush, Maxine that he would make it on live television to perform with pop singer, Powerline. This triggered something in little Kid Xandre’s mind and since age 11, he’s been writing music. His passion and focus is mainly Hip-Hop and Christian Rap.

Take a listen to the song by clicking the link: Soundcloud

Also follow Kid Xandre on Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter 



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