Artists Against Police Brutality | By: Krista Bryant


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For years, we as a people have witnessed how many are horribly beaten, brutalized and sometimes killed by the hands of police officers and they are not facing the justice that they deserve. One of the most horrific memories of police brutality dates back to the Rodney King beating by four white police officers, that left him deaf in one ear, with broken bones,and physical, mental and emotional scars that followed him until his sudden death in 2012.

Police Brutality has become a tragic, recurring factor in society today Although we are growing up in the age of technology and social media, it just doesn’t seem like it is enough to put an end to this misuse of power. There are many people who are tired of police walking away red-handed, so to help spread the word about putting an end to police brutality, three publishers came together and made APB:Artists against Police Brutality.

The concept of APB came about shortly after the four cops in the Eric Garner murder case was not going to stand trial. Publishers Bill Campbell, Jason Rodriguez, and John Jennings, who were outraged and appalled by the verdict, as was most of America, the trio decided that something had to be done. Collectively the three gentlemen put together a series of different pieces from artists, writers, scholars all across America in the form of short essays, comics, pin-up, etc to get a sense of perspective on this police brutality crisis. According to Mr. Campbell, “It was not assembled in the hopes of somehow changing the world; sometimes, artists just have to do something. This charity comics anthology (the proceeds go to the Innocence Project) is the end result of these talented people’s anger and frustration and concern and love for their fellow human beings.”


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