5 Places that You Can Give Back This Holiday Season | By: Tabia C. Robinson


According to it’s website, the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen is New York’s largest emergency food program. They serve meals to more than 1,000 homeless and hungry New Yorkers every day. This soup kitchen also helps their guests with supportive services and helping them find jobs. Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen is open for serving Monday- Friday 10:30-12:30. For more information visit their website holyapostlessoupkitchen.org


New York Cares is one of the most well known volunteer initiatives in the city. Every year they have a coat drive for the homeless people who live on the street. This is their 27th Annual Coat Drive this season. The coat drive begins in November and runs until December 31st. To donate a coat you can drop one off at any police precinct and they can also be dropped off at the New York Cares Warehouse Monday- Friday 9am – 5 pm. For more drop off locations and more information visit their website: newyorkcares.org


Like New York Cares, City Harvest has also been around for a long time. During the holiday season, they help groups and individuals organize food drives at other places. They also take donations of non-perishable foods and money to help give food to many people around the city. If you’d like to donate money visit giving.cityharvest.org For other ways to help during the holidays with City Harvest visit cityharvest.org


At the Covenant House, they take donations and gifts from people to give to the young people that they service. Covenant House is a shelter and community that helps homeless and less fortunate youth. Every year they hold a drive for bags, coats and toiletries so that the children can have some things for the holidays. If you want to help out or know of any youth that need these services visit the website covenanthouse.org


Food Bank for New York City serves approximately 10,000 free meals every month, according to their website. People can go there to have dinner Monday – Friday and they even have services where they package food to take home. This soup kitchen is open Monday – Friday 4-6 pm. For more information visit foodbanknyc.com
The BLACK Magazine wishes you a Happy Holiday!


Homeless During The Holidays | By: Gennesis Sierra


Photo Credit: wadevenden.wordpress.com

I see them
Walking down the street with large bags of everything I cannot and do not have.
They walk by me.
My bucket.
Filled with my desperation,
But empty of their spare change.

Their stomachs are full,
While mine is so hollow you can hear my internal screams echoing inside of me.
I need help.
But no one sees me
They only see the gleaming lights of window displays.
They only give to each other, and forgot about people like me.
Unlike Scrooge,
They don’t change their ways and give to the Cratchits of the world.
But shouldn’t the holidays be a time to give.

In the warmth and comfort of their homes they are protected from the harshness of the Winter.
Myself and many others suffer.
We are not protected from the cold.
The wind.
The rain.
The snow.
The hunger.
Many complain about not receiving the gift they wanted all year,
But today I ask,.
Would you trade your situation for mine?
What would you complain about if you were homeless during the holidays?