Homeless During The Holidays | By: Gennesis Sierra


Photo Credit: wadevenden.wordpress.com

I see them
Walking down the street with large bags of everything I cannot and do not have.
They walk by me.
My bucket.
Filled with my desperation,
But empty of their spare change.

Their stomachs are full,
While mine is so hollow you can hear my internal screams echoing inside of me.
I need help.
But no one sees me
They only see the gleaming lights of window displays.
They only give to each other, and forgot about people like me.
Unlike Scrooge,
They don’t change their ways and give to the Cratchits of the world.
But shouldn’t the holidays be a time to give.

In the warmth and comfort of their homes they are protected from the harshness of the Winter.
Myself and many others suffer.
We are not protected from the cold.
The wind.
The rain.
The snow.
The hunger.
Many complain about not receiving the gift they wanted all year,
But today I ask,.
Would you trade your situation for mine?
What would you complain about if you were homeless during the holidays?




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